We fix $6 haircuts!

There is an old story of a hairdresser in the USA that had been operating for many years in a small town and doing great hair cuts for $25.

One day, a new competitor opened a shop directly opposite him and put up a big sign saying "$6 haircuts".

The first hairdresser then thought to himself "how am I going to compete with this? It costs me more that $6 to do a haircut". He then had a very clever idea, the next day he put up a large sign out the front of his salon saying "We fix $6 haircuts!".

This story reminds me of a lot of what we are now seeing in the web design industry. There are some companies offering very cheap websites. We have found one issue that keeps coming up is that the websites do not actually deliver what the client needs to have a successful and profitable online presence and they are locked in to growing ongoing costs.

At Mantis Technologies, we offer a wide range of services that deliver not just a website but also ongoing expert advice and support to ensure that you experience great success with your website. We also have a lot of experience with taking websites developed by other designers and turning them into profitable and successful websites.

In a nutshell, the things we offer that our competitors don't include the following:

  • We give FREE expert advice and consultation
  • We provide ongoing marketing and technical support and training
  • We provide a lifetime warranty with all websites
  • All work is done in house by our expert team of designers and programmers
  • We work on a fixed price for all projects (no hidden charges)
  • And yes, we also fix $6 websites!
  • Support for all devices including mobile phones, ipads, etc.
  • You will own your website. It can be transferred to other hosting providers and you have full access to the source code.