App Development

  • Are you and your staff spending hours each day on repetitive tasks?
  • Are you entering information into multiple systems and getting frustrated by the time it takes and the number of errors that occur from double entry?
  • Do you feel that you are getting bogged down working in your business rather than on it?
  • Is growth in your business making it hard to manage?

These are the issues many businesses and organisations face today as they try to remain profitable in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. Many successful people know that one of the main pillars of success is the ability to work smarter, not harder.

At Mantis Technologies, we have been developing custom built web applications to allow businesses and organisations to automate day to day procedures, integrate systems to prevent the need for double entry and help businesses run more efficiently which reduces overheads and allows for continued growth.

Below are some examples of apps we have built and how they have benefited these businesses and organisations

Please contact us if you would like an obligation free consultation. You may find developing a web app is less expensive than you think and may just be the thing you need to take your business to the next level!

My Ring Designer

The My Ring Designer app was developed for an Australian based Jewellery designer to use within their stores with their clients.

The app runs on both phones and tablets and allows in store customers to browse through all the thousands of designs available rather than only being able to see what is in store.

The sales person can use the app to build a 'wish list' for a client of pieces they like and then email it to the client to review. The client can then choose to purchase one or more items from their wishlist and pay in full or a specified deposit online to place the order.

The app handles all order tracking from the moment the customer accepts the order through the process of raising a purchase order with the supplier, receiving goods and then notifying the customer their order is ready for pick up.

The app also features a very powerful ring designer. This allows a sales person to grab a photo of jewellery using the phone or tablets camera or choosing a photo from a design in the app's database. They can then draw notations, add notes and select customisations such as metal, ring size, stones (shape, size and quanity) and many other customisations to fully customise a piece for their client.
The app has a built in pricing system to automatically look up current metal and stone prices and then automatically calculate the price of the piece within a split second, including all labour, margins, customisations, etc.

Once a ring has been designed and priced, it can be saved on file for a customer and emailed to them for their review and acceptance. If a client accepts the design, the app then handles the process of taking a deposit, sending the design off to the supplier for a CAD design, sending the design to the customer for approval and then right through the normal sales and ordering process.

The app saves countless hours of administration every day and also results in a much higher conversion rate on sales as the customer does not have to wait for quotes to be prepared and calculated.

Arakan Martial Art

Arakan Martial Art is one of the fastest growing martial arts clubs in Australia with members and instructors in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We were commissioned to develop a one of a kind custom built app to manage all of AMA's students, instructors, classes and financial transactions. The app is now the engine room of the entire organisation and is used to manage prospective and active students, store legal documents such as waivers, process payments and handle all aspects of accounting, broadcast SMS and email messages to instructors and students and much more.

We have also developed a companion app for instructors who are able to look up their own students' records along with booking in lessons, checking students into lessons, doing roll calls for group lessons and much more.

Students can also utilise the app to make payments, check their account balance and sign waivers electronically (using touch screen devices)


APLA (Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Association) was formed in 1904 at a gold-rush site south of Kalgoorlie-Boulder by amalgamating a number of existing prospecting groups into one representative body with the aim to protect and further the interests of prospectors.

When APLA approached us, they were managing all their member's records on spreadsheets that were easily lost or confused with different versions. As the organisation would regularly have new committees voted in, they needed an app that could store all member records in a central location with the ability to easily add and remove access to committee members as needed.

The APLA app now works as the central location for all member records, keeping track of up to date member information and membership status. The app is also integrated into their website allowing potential members to easily sign up and for membership committees to log in and review and approve memberships without any extra data entry. The app keeps track of dues and automatically handles membership renewals (including generating postal renewals for members that do not want electronic renewals).

The app is also integrated with Xero to prevent the errors associated with double entry (and the extra time needed to perform these tasks). 

Overall, the app provides the association with high level security, reliability and peak efficiency.