Conversion Rate Optimisation

When someone visits your website and places an enquiry, makes a purchase or acheives some sort of 'goal' you have set for the website, this is called a conversion.

Did you know that in 2012, the average conversion rate for an ecommerce website was only 2% and sites considered very successful had a conversion rate of only 5% - 10%?

In our years of experience we have seen that ecommerce sites try to increase their sales by pushing more people to their site through search engine optimisation, social media marketing and other forms of marketing. However an often overlooked stat on websites is the conversion rate. Imagine you had an Ecommerce site that was making $10,000 a month in sales from a 2% conversion rate. If you were to simply increase that conversion rate to 5% (which is usually quite achievable) you would have more than doubled your income without having to increase the traffic to your site.

This can be acheived using 'Conversion Rate Optimisation' or CRO. CRO is a fine science that should only be undertaken by highly experienced professionals to ensure that you get the best possible results from your website.

Conversion rate optimisation Mantis Technologies includes the following:

  • In depth careful analysis of your statistics to indentify 'bounce' points in your website where people are leaving your site and going to a competitors website
  • Analysis of user psychology to identify content to add, re-order or modify to increase conversion rates by providing what your visitors are looking for in the places they expect
  • Implementation of correct calls to action to ensure enquiry and sales opportunities are not lost
  • Analysis of device specific traffic to ensure your website caters for all devices that are accessing your website
  • A/B split testing of various subtle yet important changes (such as button placement, colours, etc) to accurately identify highest conversion rates available
  • And a lot, lot more...