The Rise and Rise of Ecommerce

As retail stores continue to struggle and large department stores are posting their worst profits in decades, we are seeing the rise of ecommerce as more and more consumers move from traditional retail shopping to the more flexible and wider ranging domain of online shopping.

Retailers are now realising that the rising costs of commercial leasing, shop fit outs, security, wages for sales people, stock shrinkage and more are all making it increasingly difficult to turn a decent profit. Smart and forward thinking retailers are now seeing the benefits of online shopping to tap into the ever growing lucrative online marketplace.

There are many reasons that people prefer online shopping over traditional retail shopping such as the convenience of being able to shop whenever you want from the comfort of your own home and the ability to easily find unique and different products that may not be available locally. Also there is a generation of young adults now that have grown up used to finding information on the Internet and tend to shop online for most of their goods and services.

Smart and successful retailers are seeing the benefits of supplementing or replacing their 'bricks and mortar' stores with online stores while retailers that ignore or resist the online marketplace and becoming victims like David Jones and Borders book stores.

The success of an online store relies heavily on the system you choose to build your store on. Our MantisShop ecommerce system has been built specifically for the Australian market and some of Australia's largest and most successful ecommerce websites are running on MantisShop. For more information on MantisShop, visit