Spring clean your website

Why not breathe new life into your website now and give your website a ‘spring clean’?

Here are 5 ways to give your website a breath of fresh air and increase traffic, sales and enquiries:

1) Ensure your contact details are easy to find. Having your phone number and/or contact us link in a prominent place (such as the top right of your site) can help busy people find how to contact you easily

2) Make sure your website works on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Around 30% of people will visit your website from a mobile device yet over 90% of websites don’t have a smartphone version. Read here for more info : http://www.mantistech.com.au/mobile_smartphone_website_design.aspx

3) If your site is a few years or more old then consider giving it a facelift with a new design. Usually websites can be easily ‘reskinned’ to give them a fresh new look and take advantage of the latest technologies such as Jquery and HTML 5 to make them more dynamic and engaging.

4) Install an integrated blog and post regularly (between once a week and once a month). This allows you to easily add fresh new content to your site and build an audience of existing and potential customers

5) Ensure all pages have social media plugins installed. This allows Facebook users to ‘like’ pages, Pinterest users to ’pin’ photos from your site, etc. When this functionality is installed, it easily gets your content exposed and shared through social media platforms. Search engines also take social media engagement like this into account when ranking your pages.