Seven simple reasons to move your business accounting online

It’s likely you’ve noticed traditional desktop accounting software vendors spending more time and effort marketing their cloud services. This is because businesses everywhere are changing. Online accounting uptake is increasing month-by-month as businesses are moving management of their processes from their desktop to the cloud.

1. Freedom

Not only can you make use of a free monthly trial period to properly evaluate online systems, but you don’t have to provide any payment details. You really do have the freedom to choose a system that is the right fit for your business. If you decide to subscribe to Saasu, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel with the freedom of a one-month contract.

2. Value

There are no upfront costs for installation and outright ownership of software which you may be used to with desktop software. Paying a small, monthly subscription cost is significantly easier on your business cash-flow and subsequently, your stress levels. A rich feature set gives you better value for money than a desktop equivalent, which likely won’t even exist.

3. Flexibility

Business picks up rapidly, faster than you expected. What do you do? Upgrade by simply opening your browser and logging into your account. On your desktop software, it’s not quite so easy to scale. Saasu is shaped by its users. Feature requests can be submitted for consideration and popular ones are prioritised in development.

4. Automation

Updates happen automatically—every few weeks—meaning you always have the latest version of your software without paying extra or lifting a finger as the development team make it happen behind the scenes. MantisShop automatically synchronises data between your accounting system, ecommerce site and other systems. You will reduce time spent on admin. Automatic bank feeds mean you don’t need to manually import bank statements if your institution is available. You can setup bank rules and the system learns from your behaviour, suggesting possible matches based on historical transactions.

5. Security

No backups are required as the vendor is assuming responsibility for this on multiple servers for enhanced reliability. Security is taken a lot more seriously by online vendors due to the increased risks of the cloud - data is also encrypted. This is safer than desktop software which is only protected by a password and username.

6. Visibility

You can login using your tablet or mobile phone on-the-go. You're not restricted to one desktop computer. You can see everything, from anywhere that you can connect to the internet. Your mobile workers can even invoice your customers on-the-spot, on-the-job.

7. Collaboration

A Saasu subscription includes unlimited users and customisable access roles—you can access the same reports and data at the same time which is updated in real-time. This helps you with decision making and keep your team truly connected. Your accountant can also access your file at the same time as you.

Still not sure? It’s always a good idea to speak to an accountant who can best advise you on your specific situation.

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