Retargeting - fine tuned online marketing

As online marketing is maturing as an industry, many new technologies are becoming available to get your product or service directly on front of your target market.

First there were banner ads that showed up on websites randomly to everyone that visited. This 'shotgun' approach to marketing came from traditional media where adverts were shown to a mass audience with the hope a certain percentage would click through.

The next method was targeted advertising. This is what you tend to see on Facebook where you will see adverts that are more likely to suit your interests. For example if you are a new mother then you are likely to see adverts for online baby stores whereas if you are in to health and fitness then you are more likely to see ads for supplements stores, gyms, etc.

In this article we focus on a marketing technique called 'retargeting'. The way this works is if you visit a website that had retargeting set up then when you visit some other websites such as blogs or you tube, you will see adverts for the website you visited previously.
It is common marketing theory that you need to get in front of someone around 5 to 7 times in order to convert them into a customer. Retargeting gives you the technology to do this.

Obviously there can be a fine line between retargeting successfully and coming across as stalking a potential customer. Luckily there are settings you can tweak to get the balance right.

Do you use retargeting as part of your online marketing mix? Contact us if you would like more information on setting up retargeting campaigns.