Is your website underperforming?

Do you have a website that has been operating for over a year and is starting to look and feel a bit 'stale'?

Like many areas of your business, a website left to grow old eventually becomes redundant, stale and behind the times which can result in lost business and opportunities.

Often businesses end up getting frustrated with their tired, old website and approach a new web design firm to develop a completely new website from scratch. Although this can give the required result, it can also create headaches as your new website may not have some of the custom features you had grown used to in your old website or even worse, the new website could be set up by a web developer that does not understand the importance of '301 redirects' which could result in you losing most or all of your Google rankings... essentially forcing your business to 'start again' with Google.

Before looking at investing significant time and money into a completely new website, why not look at getting your website rebuilt by a web site developer that specialises in upgrading websites such as Mantis Technologies.

Some of the advantages of upgrading a website over building a new website are:

New features
If your website was built on a start of the art platform such as MantisShop or MantisProperty, by upgrading to the latest version you could instantly benefit from the many new features without having to relearn a system or set up your products, properties or content from scratch again.

Support for the latest browsers and devices
If your website was developed a couple of years or more ago, chances are that it does not work on some popular devices such as Ipads and Iphones. You may also face the prospect of it not working on some of the latest browsers such as IE 9 and Firefox 6 which both have significant changes that affect how old websites are displayed.

When IE9 was launched, we noticed many websites simply no longer displayed properly.. some of them to the point that they are unusable. Although many sites have been patched to fix this issue, we still come across these sites on a daily basis.

If you don't support Ipads, Iphones and the latest browsers you are missing out on a growing percentage of your potential market.

Smartphone enabled site
Does your website have a 'smartphone' version? Smartphones (such as Iphones, Android and Windows phones) are growing more and more in popularity and are tipped to overtake desktop computers as the primary web surfing platform in the next 5 years. By having a smartphone version of your site, you can tap into a growing market and gain a foothold over your competitors.

Social Media / SEO Benefits
One of the largest benefits of bringing your website up to date is there are many things that can now be done to ensure your website gets picked up and gets good rankings AUTOMATICALLY in Google, Yahoo and Bing. For example, the latest versions of MantisShop (our ecommerce platform) and MantisProperty (our real estate platform) automatically handle tasks such as unique keyword friendly product/property URL's, title and meta data and XML site maps.

Our platforms also automatically handle the latest social media integration with Facebook like buttons and comments, Google +1 buttons and Tweet buttons. This enables users of social media to quickly and easily interact with your site and spread the word on your products or services through their social media circles. As social media continues to grow, this is an essential technology to have incorporated in your site to ensure you don't miss out on your market share.

If your website is underperforming or you would simply like a free evaluation of your existing website to find ways it can be improved to increase your sales/enquiries then please contact us by clicking here