Increase conversion rates with live chat

At Mantis Technologies, we are constantly looking for ways to increase conversion rates on our client's websites.

Recently we installed a live chat system on a number of high traffic websites in a variety of industries to analyse the results live chat would have on conversion rates.

Live chat is a feature that can be installed on any website to allow visitors to 'chat' with you via a chat window that pops up on your website. This allows you to engage your potential customers and assist them with any questions they have regarding your products and services.

It also allows you to watch what people are doing on your website, where they are going, where they are coming from and where on the site they leave. This gives you valuable insight into how people are using your website and areas that may need improving or changing.

The results we found from our experiments where quite impressive. On all the websites we installed the live chat on, we found that they all increased their conversion rates quite dramatically.

For more information on live chat and how to use it with your website, click here