Harness social media to explode your website traffic

2006/07 saw the arrival of the social media revolution. If you have heard of Myspace, Facebook, blogs, RSS or YouTube then you have heard of some of the elements of social media.

Social media uses these and other technologies to allow online users to share information, photos, opinions and more with friends, communities and people with common interests.

By utilising social media technologies in your business, you can increase your exposure and generate plenty of new traffic from people interested in your products and services.

Follow these 5 easy steps to launch your business into social media and watch your traffic explode:

  1. Create a Myspace and/or Facebook personal site and put in your biography, interests and more. If using facebook you can also set up a page for your company with forums, photo gallery and more. Ensure you invite friends, family and colleagues to become 'friends' with your profile to help build your exposure.

  2. Set up a free blog (such as www.wordpress.com) and put information about yourself and your business and start posting regular articles, reviews, news or other industry related information at least once a month.

  3. Regularly post your articles to Digg. Digg is a popular news ranking site and if your news items get good rankings, it will bring thousands of visitors to your website.

  4. Create short product demonstrations or how to videos and post them to YouTube then embed them into your website. This not only saves you time and money on hosting your own videos but it also exposes your products and services to the huge YouTube community.

  5. Keep posting! Don't just set up these facilities then forget about them. Ensure you are posting new content to your social media networks at least once a month. This will perpetually increase your online exposure bringing fresh new traffic to your website.