Choosing keywords for your website

Optimise for the wrong keywords and you may NEVER see any results!

The first thing you should do when optimising your website for search engines is keyword research. This enables you to identify the best keywords to optimise your website for. This is a VERY important step and should not be skipped as there is no point spending the time and effort to optimise your website if you are optimising for the wrong keywords.

Google has a fantastic FREE tool for this.

This free tool allows you to enter in the most generic keywords for your website and receive a list of related terms and important data on them. One of the great things about this tool is it is directly linked into statistical data from real Google searching so the results you get are 100% accurate for Google (which attracts over 80% of all searches worldwide).

Please note: This tool is a great tool but is focused on Google Adwords competitors. Although this is close to what is happening for competition of search keywords, there is also a difference between keywords for Adwords and keywords for 'natural' search rankings.

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