Are you a digital immigrant?

When a family moves to Australia from a non english speaking country, it is often the children who learn english first and then teach the adults.

How many of you have had your sons, daughters or even grandkids teach you how to use a computer, connect to the internet or send email?

Todays generation of young workers, commonly known as generation Y, are the first generation of people to be born with a mobile phone in one hand and a mouse in the other. There is no doubt that we are in the information age at the moment and many of us are digital immigrants who grew up without the internet or even computers being an integral part of our daily lives.

It is very important to understand that the people of generation Y are all going online to buy their clothes, find the best prices on cars, travel and accommodation, book airfares and even do distance education. Sure, they still go into the shops to look at products and perhaps pick them up and play with them but they then go home to their computer to find the best price and make the purchase online.

Based on this, it is now essential for all businesses to have an informative, attractive and useful website to ensure their share of the market is not reduced.

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