The web site designer process

At Mantis Technologies, we have simplified the web design process to provide customers with professional website solutions at a fraction of the price of many other web site designers. By delivering a customised package full of all the features you want, we can ensure that the process of developing your website is quick, interactive, friendly and exciting.

At all stages of the development we keep in regular contact with you, the client to ensure you are kept up to date with the progress of the site. We give you plenty of opportunity to provide feedback and direction whenever you wish.

We have broken the development cycle of our website design process into the following stages:

Stage 1 : Conceptual

Once the initial proposal has been designed, our team sit down together to go over the requirements of your site and develop a strategy for the development of the site. A design brief and programming brief are put together by the project manager and given to our head designer and programmer to start working on.

Stage 2 : Design

A dedicated designer is assigned to your project and they establish contact with you to discuss the design aspect of the website. They will liaise with you through the entire design process, sending mock-ups, getting feedback and requesting advice or direction where needed. Once you are satisfied with the design mock-ups, the site framework is then constructed and handed over to the programmers to start programming.

Stage 3 : Programming

Our programmers then work through the site to get all programming aspects (including database design, forms, etc.) completed and working.

Stage 4 : Testing

Our project manager then tests the entire site to make sure it meets the requirements of the design and programming briefs. Once this has been confirmed, the site is put on to a test server for the clients review.

Stage 5 : Client Review

At this stage, the site has been completed and is ready for you to start testing to ensure it meets your requirements and expectations. This is the stage where you can request changes and will be shown how to use your site.

Stage 6 : Launch

Once you are 100% satisfied with your website, we will launch it to the global community of internet users.

Stage 7 : Ongoing Lifetime Support

This is one stage that is often missed by other web designers. We provide ongoing, unlimited FREE support for the life of your website. Our expert team are always available to offer free advice and support.