Mobile / Smartphone website development

Research shows that the use of smartphones such as the Iphone, Android and Windows phones dramatically increasing and will actually surpass desktop computers as the primary method of using the internet by 2015.

In fact, we know that people spend more time on Facebook using a smartphone than a desktop computer which is very important to know for ecommerce businesses who get a large chunk of sales through interacting with customers on Facebook.
In light of this it is essential that your website has a mobile friendly version that is specifically designed to work on smart phones and make it easy for phone users to access your website.

The main benefits of having a mobile friendly version of your website built by Mantis Technologies are:
  • Google actively looks for sites that support mobile/smarphone interfaces. It is widely assumed that Google will give preference to sites that have a mobile version, especially when the user is searching with Google on their mobile phone
  • Mobile sites are optimised to load quickly on smartphones, even when away from high speed wi-fi connections
  • People use smartphones differently to desktop computers. Therefore mobile sites are optimised to take advantage of touch and swipe guestures instead of point and click from a mouse
  • Mobile sites provide a better, more intuitive experience designed specifically for the screen size and shape of a mobile phone rather than a desktop site that has to be pinched and zoomed to get around
  • Full integration with Google Analytics so you can see the number of people using both your normal and mobile versions of the website
  • Your website will automatically detect if the user is connecting via a smartphone and will then automatically show them the 'mobile friendly' version of the site. This version uses all the same information in the CMS so there is no need to maintain two separate websites. Your website will handle everything automatically so you can tap into this ever growing marketplace with no extra effort.
    ** this feature is only available to websites that have been built by Mantis Technologies